Clovis is one of the areas in California with the highest electricity rate. , the current average rate is 15.59¢/kWh, which is 1.63% greater than California's median rate. If you are living in Clovis, you might be considering going solar to reduce your electricity bills.

Things to Consider Before Finding Clovis Solar Installers

  • Your commitment - going solar is a major decision. Don't go solar just because it's the trend. You have to outweigh the pros and cons of going solar, so you will not regrets later on. Be prepared for maintenance work later on. Or better yet, choose a solar company with high-quality PV systems, such as the ones Pacific Solar recommends. These types of systems only require very low maintenance.

  • Your budget - solar panels are a big investment. You can still reduce your initial expenditures by applying for rebates, credits, and programs in your state. You may be eligible for the federal tax credits which can save you 30% of the total cost of your system. Do note that your eligibility will depend on the licenses of your chosen solar installer.

  • The state's standards- In California, consumers are encouraged to maximize the existing systems they have before thinking of going solar. This refers to the current insulation, appliances, and even windows they have at home. An energy audit of your residential or commercial property is essential to see if you comply with the state’s building standards.

The Benefits of Solar Systems for Clovis Residents

Clovis is a warm and sunny area, which means it is an ideal place to install solar panels. Solar energy does not only produce electricity. It can also be used to distill water in places without a sufficient supply of clean water.

Aside from reducing your electricity bill, going solar can also save the environment. It is a true source of renewable energy. This applies to California which is aiming to get half of its electric generation from renewable sources by 2030.

Fresno, where Clovis is located, is the most populated area in entire California. It was number one on California's toxic hit list due to the diesel exhaust, tainted water, pesticides and poverty in the west part of the county.

By going solar, we can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help make California a cleaner state for our future generations. Solar does not emit toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, unlike what oil and coal do.

Did you know that many house buyers prefer homes with solar systems? Investing in solar systems does not only add value to your home. It also gives the future generation a cleaner and less polluted environment.

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