Why Fresno Solar Installers is Needed Now

In July 2018, Fresno set a busting triple-digit heat record as the temperatures went higher than 100 degrees for 22 days. The higher temperatures eventually caused consumers to cool their homes nonstop. The aftermath? Consumers had to pay the skyrocketing power bills!

If you are a Fresno resident who wish to reduce your electricity bill, the best solution is to go solar. Get help from Fresno solar installers because the process involves construction and electrical works.

When it comes to everything solar, Pacific Solar is a name you can trust. Our work does not just revolve around quality installation but also creating custom solar for our clients. Going solar offers a myriad of benefits:

It Reduces Electricity Bills

Solar energy reduces costs not just for consumers but also for energy producers. If you are a consumer, it can even eliminate your bills depending on the size of the panel you are using.

What if you are hesitant to go solar because of the initial expenses? You can apply for rebates. Do note that the state rebate program is available for only a limited time so you might want to reserve your rebates now.

You can get in touch with us to know if you are eligible for the programs. Our team can help you identify if you qualify for the programs and rebates.

Think of solar energy systems as a wise investment. It comes with a price but it can save a lot of money on electric bills over the long haul.

It is a Non-Polluting Source of Energy

Sunlight is free and it’s entirely renewable. What’s better is the fact that the panels provide clean green energy. It does not cause rising temperatures, air pollution, and environmental disasters.

It’s just right for Fresno, where air pollution is a serious concern. In fact, the Fresno-Madera metro area ranked fifth in the U.S. cities with the worst air pollution. If you want to lessen pollution, it has to start at your own home.

It Increases Your Property’s Value

A solar panel is not going to be just an option in house-buying. It will be mandated on new homes, in case the new policy will be passed.

California aims to be the first state to require solar panels on single family-homes. It’s not impossible to happen, since the state has a good solar access.

In Fresno alone, it can get scorching hot. Still, you can use your solar panels even when the sun is out.

Contrary to popular belief, solar systems do not only work when it’s warm and sunny days. It can work even on cloudy days and even when the temperature is cold.

Make the Move Today

As one of the leading Fresno solar installers in the market today, we are proud of our more than 40 years of expertise. You can count on our services as well as in our solar system partners. Got questions? Our team is ready to assist you. Get a free solar quote from Pacific Solar.