When you've decided to go solar, the next step you have to do is choose the right solar company. With a number of solar companies in Clovis, it can be quite tricky to choose which one is the best for you. Pacific Solar listed the factors to consider when searching for the right company for your residential or commercial solar systems:

The Solar Installer's Reputation

Start asking for recommendations from your social circle. If you can't get suggestions from friends or family members, search for the solar company's name on business-review sites. These types of reviews are a lot more accurate than the reviews you see on the company website or social media platforms.

Did the installer satisfy their previous clients' requirements? A positive review is an indication that the solar company provided a transparent process right from the beginning.

On the other hand, a 1-star or a 2-star rating is a sign that the solar company failed to meet the expectations of their clients regarding the timeliness of the installation or the support they provided about warranty issues.

Use your judgment carefully when looking at reviews. Sometimes, the people who give negative ratings to companies are not previous customers. They might be the ones who were not so pleased with the solar company's process of evaluating the roof.

The Solar Company's Years of Experience

Does the company have an established name in the industry of installing solar panels? Unfortunately, many companies these days are fly by nighters, meaning they run the business without enough skills about the solar industry.

National vs. Local Solar Company

A local solar company offers more affordable services compared to a large national solar company. Another advantage in hiring a local solar installer is that you can expect better ongoing support.

In case your solar system needs some repair in the future, a local company can be easily contacted. Do note, however, that a well-installed solar panel made from quality material does not require too much maintenance.

Pacific Solar is proud to be a locally owned business. We love installing in solar in the community we love, such as the city of Clovis.

The Solar Equipment's Quality

There are two important things to look at when choosing the right equipment for your system: the inverter and the modules. Look for a system technology specialist, such as Pacific Solar's partner, SMA. They have been developing high-quality PV inverters for more than three decades now.

With our recommended photovoltaic system (PV system), you don't need to be concerned about regular maintenance. It only takes washing the solar modules down with water in case they get dirty so the light can get through.

Why Work With the Best Solar Companies in Clovis

As you can see, there are some things to consider before installing a residential solar power system. The company should be aware of the factors to make the installation successful. Pacific Solar is one of the names you can trust regarding quality installations. Call us today at 559-251-5592 for further information about solar panels.