Whenever there is a so-called “energy crisis” it is best to remember that the crisis is not the energy itself but rather how it is produced, distributed and priced. The argument about the human contribution to climate change still goes on, but there is no argument that any shortage of energy is genuinely human-made with governments, petrochemical giants and suppliers usually at the expense of the consumer.

If you think we have a shortage of available energy, consider that the Sun puts out a staggering amount of energy. One second of the Sun’s energy is enough to melt a slab of ice that is 2 miles thick and 1 mile wide and at a length that goes all the way from Earth to the Sun or about 93 million miles.

Only a small fraction of that energy reaches the Earth’s surface, but that is still enough to power most anything us humans can think of. The Sun is expected to remain as it is for another billion years, so we need not worry about any shortage of energy in the foreseeable future.

Quicker than Mother Nature

The challenge is to convert that energy into usable electricity for human consumption. Mother Nature converted it into fossil fuels with photosynthesis and millions of years to turn it into coal and crude oil. Only recently has the technology progressed with the invention of solar panels that allow quick direct conversion of solar energy into electricity at a cost that is attractive to the average consumer.

Solar companies in Fresno were formed to bring the benefits of solar energy to customers and its surrounding areas. Pacific Solar is the offspring of Valley Pacific Builders, Inc. who have been in business since 1982. Their team of specialists will make a custom design for your home or business and will then professionally install the photovoltaic (PV) panels to capture as much sunlight as possible to meet your needs.

Solar Panels: How They Work to Save You Money

The panels work like this:

  • The first step is the availability of sunlight. A cloudy day will reduce the panel’s effectiveness, and no one has figured out how to make them work at night. Fortunately, Fresno enjoys an average of 271 sunny days per year compared to a national average of 205 days.

  • The panels absorb the sunlight, and the PV cells convert it to Direct Current (DC) electricity. The DC power is sent to an inverter to produce the AC power for household use.

  • All AC power supplied by an electric company passes through the house meter where the amount used is recorded for the friendly meter reader to read and used to calculate your electric bill each month. Energy from the solar panels are also fed into this meter and if there is any excess over what you use it is sent to the electric company. This will cause your meter to run in reverse lowering your bill and possibly confusing that meter reader.

As the “powers that be” battle to control energy prices, the use of solar panels is expected to rise dramatically. Solar companies in Fresno has a 10-year head start over the “pretenders” that are sure to flood the market with products of dubious quality.

Give Pacific Solar a call at 559-251-5592 or use the online form with some necessary information and you will be on your way to capturing your part of the sun.